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Hi, thanks for dropping in on Paw-Traits4u part of Soo’s Arts ‘n’ Crafts. I’m Soo, (the one with the long blonde hair) with Scroat, yes you read right, Scroat by name and Scroat by nature....... (it's from the programme Porridge! What were you thinking?)

~ Please 'Paws' a while and take a look around ~

About the Artist

I am, I suppose, what you would call a ‘Hobby Artist’, if there is such a term.  I have always had a natural ability to draw and paint and was able to do so as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil. I possess no formal qualifications in Art apart from an A-level gained at night school in 1983. At school I always received the highest marks from my teachers for my Art work (which was more than I could say for any other subject), and my pictures were invariably exhibited at open evening etc.

My love of animal portraits probably stems from my love of animals, I would have loved to work with them, but things weren’t to be, so in my time I have had the odd menagerie which has at times comprised of five dogs, a pond full of fish that just appeared one day, and a host of frogs and toads. Other animals I have had owned at one time or another, if you can own any animal, comprised of several cats, two beautiful long haired cats which you can see from the pictures under ‘Other Commissions’, five lizards (making me a Herpetologist of sorts), budgies galore, Jackdaws and Love Birds. People used to bring me injured birds because I had an outside avery (which I built myself), hence I ended up with two Jackdaws, I constantly had to keep extending the avery.  

Now based in Exmouth, Devon my menagerie has decreased substantially, but my enjoyment and love of animals has never decreased.

My repertoire consists of:

Animal Portraits, You can commission a completely unique picture of your pet(s) in a combination of pastels and water colour.

Canal Art Castle
Irish Sail Training Vessel

Glass and Mirror Painting

I like to use ethnic patterns such as Celtic Knots , Aztec/Mexican, Aboriginal and Russian patterns as well as flower borders and pictures of boats and yachts.

Aboriginal Kangaroo
Ocean Garden.jpg

I am also an Arctophile, no it’s not rude, this means I am a collector of Teddy Bears. I have a collection of over 200 assorted bears and still rising. I collect old and new alike, famous bears and not so famous bears, china bears, wax candle bears, very rude bears, battered bears, you name it I’ve got it. When anyone goes abroad I get them to bring me back a bear. So bring me your bears and I promise to look after them and give them a loving home and lots of friends.  You can see more of my Teddy bears at

If you would like a portrait of your pet and you have a good quality photograph, I will endeavour to capture your pet’s individuality and character for you to keep for ever.

~ Please see the Prices page for costs and ordering details ~

~ I hope you enjoy your journey around my site ~

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